A monumental trail


A little more than 15 kilometres from La Colina de Charly is Castell de Castells, just on the other side of the Guadalest reservoir. There you will find a simple route, suitable for everyone, which leads to a natural monument made up of two large arches sculpted by the erosion of the limestone materials of the rock. It is known as Els Arcs de Castell de Castells or Arcs d’Atanços.

Els Arcs d’Atanços

From the Castell de Castells tourism website (see route), we know that the path starts and ends at Pla d’Aialt. It is a circular route of just 13 kilometres, with an average duration of just over 2 hours and 32 minutes. The difference in altitude does not exceed 261 metres.

Along the route we will find the ruins of one of the corrals of the Somo, the Aljibe de Xorquet, before approaching the objective of the excursion, the Municipal Natural Park of interest “Els Arcs”, an impressive geological formation. On our way back to the starting point we will also visit the Penya Escoda or the Corral del Poll, all surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Guadalest valley.


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