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There are many signposted paths just a few metres from the Colina de Charly that allow the visitor to take nature trails.

At any time of the year, the landscapes offer a spectacle of colours, from the ochre of autumn to the pink of the almond trees in bloom, without forgetting the green of spring.

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Guadalest is known for its well-preserved historical and cultural heritage, such as the 11th century castle, base of the Muslim troops before the reconquest.

In Callosa D’Ensarriá, you will find the source of the Algar river and its famous springs, a 1.5 km walk along the Algar riverbed to see the landscape resulting from the karstic modelling of the limestone rock.

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La Marina Baixa has a wide cultural offer. An example of this are the museums of Guadalest such as the Museum of Microminiatures, the Historical Medieval Museum, the Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers, among others.

Also the many art galleries, the Palau, the Library or the Faculty of Fine Arts that we can discover in the bohemian Altea.

The film festival of Alfaz del Pi, which has been running for more than 35 editions, or the Benidorm Fest, heir to the historic Benidorm Song Festival.

It is unusual in a mountainous environment such as La Colina de Charly to be less than 20 minutes away from wonderful beaches of all kinds.

White sandy beaches with the atmosphere that characterises the Levante and Poniente beaches of Benidorm; pebble beaches much less crowdy that give a more relaxing atmosphere such as those of Altea and Albir; or small coves where nudism is widespread among its users.

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Nearby towns to visit from La Colina de Charly


It is situated on the top of a steep rocky crag, defying the void from its strategic position, with enviable views of the Guadalest reservoir. It had an important Muslim population until the 17th century, when Felipe III decreed their expulsion.

It has a marvellous town centre which has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site and an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Ideal to visit at sunset when the crowds leave the town.


Founded in 1249, the town centre of Benimantell is made up of small, steep, narrow streets, with illustrative names such as “Trencacames” (leg-breaker).

Its picturesque streets offer views of the bluish Guadalest reservoir and the wide valley that surrounds it.

The 18th century parish church of San Vicente Mártir is still the centre of the village. It is located in the main square, where the Town Hall is also located.


The silhouette of the Ponoig, known as the Sleeping Lion and the tower of the church of San Pedro and the old cemetery, mark the visual imprint of this attractive town, home to artists such as Óscar Esplá and Gabriel Miró.

It has the well-known Font del Xorrets with 221 spouts through which water flows from the Alicante mountains.

Polop still preserves the typical white and blue villages of the coast of Alicante, hence the interest in visiting this town.

La Nucía

The Aixortá and the Aitana mountains protect it from the cold north winds, which means that it has an average annual temperature of 15ºC and favours the green mantle of pine trees and fruit trees that is so characteristic of the area.

On Sunday mornings many visitors come to the flea market, a good time to walk around the village, reach the old washing place and go up to the road through the white houses of what is still a quiet village, loving its old customs.


Altea is one of the most beautiful and sustainable villages in Spain, with several attractions considered of cultural interest.

Its old town and its viewpoint are known for their charm. Many of its streets are cobbled and strolling through them you will see a large number of restaurants and hotels. The Plaza de la Iglesia is the heart of Altea, an authentic centre of leisure and culture, full of bohemian life at any time of the year.

La Vila

Historical and administrative capital of the Marina Baixa, its idiosyncrasy is marked by fishing and chocolate.

La Vila Joiosa (Villajoyosa) is a town that has many charms such as the fish auctions that take place in the afternoon, the brightly coloured façades originated by the need for sailors to see their houses from afar. The walled old town is worth contemplating and strolling through.

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