The Castles of the edger of Fear


The fright that corsairs sowed on the Alicante coast in the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries is the narrative thread that marks one of the 5 routes to discover the castles and fortifications that dot the Costa Blanca: The trail of the castles of the edge of fear.

Coming from North Africa, from countries like Algeria or Tunisia, in the public mind there are illustrious corsairs such as Barbarossa who attacked the Alicante coast in the 16th century acting under the orders of the Sultan of Solimán the Magnificent. These criminals in the pay of the Ottoman Empire fulfilled a double objective: to loot, kill and sow fear in the local population while keeping the Christian hosts entertained in their land and thus preventing the kings and nobles of the Christian kingdoms from sending troops to the holy war that was being fought at that time beyond the Mediterranean.

As a result of those defenses, today there are about fifty fortifications, castles, watchtowers or forts that create an interesting route from the Barranc de Aigües in Campello to the Torre de la Almadrava in Denia.

Visiting and following the route of the castles of the Frontier of Fear is a great incentive to learn about the history, customs, gastronomy and landscapes of two regions of the Costa Blanca, the Marina Baixa and the Marina Alta, where the Alicante mountains and the Mediterranean Sea converge in a wild and, at the same time, harmonious way.

Precisely about these castles of the Edge of Fear and the archaeological wealth of our province we have talked with José Luis Menéndez, medieval archaeologist, and exhibition technician at the MARQ, Archaeological Museum of Alicante, an interview that was broadcast on the program Escápate al interior that La Colina de Charly sponsors on Onda Cero Marina Baixa.

Furthermore to the trail of the Castles of the Edge of Fear, the Costa Blanca has developed 4 other routes throughout the province of Alicante.


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