What to do this Easter?


Easter is an ideal time to discover wonderful places both in our own province and travelling to other parts of Spain. The weather, usually in spring, the days of holidays, between 4 and 5 days, invite you to travel to the Mediterranean coast. The best place is the interior of the Marina Baixa for a getaway and to disconnect.

Sunset on La Colina de Charly

From La Colina de Charly we would like to propose a plan for Easter, choosing our rural house as the centre of operations. From here, from the Guadalest Valley, you will be able to discover a hidden treasures of Alicante province, for some unknown, for others, not so much, but which are so charming that it is worth enjoying them again and again.

Maundy Thursday, departure and arrival day, so we will spend it unpacking, taking short walks around the area and enjoying La Colina de Charly, its wonderful kitchen with views over the valley and its fireplace that make this rural house a very comfortable home. One option is to book dinner at one of the wonderful restaurants in Benimantell, just a few kilometres from the house, which offer traditional Alicante mountain cuisine. But, of course, you have to go to bed early, because we should make the most of the day.

What to do at Easter?
Traditional food

Our Good Friday proposal is a moderate trail, close to La Colina de Charly and suitable for everyone. It is the circular trail along the Guadalest reservoir.

Depending on whether you choose to do it from the house or from the dam, you can choose to take a picnic and have lunch looking at the reservoir, or book a baked rice that will help to regain strength and in the afternoon you can get to know one of the most touristic places in the province of Alicante, Guadalest. In fact, there is an urban legend that says that it is the second most visited spot in Spain after the Alhambra, given that all the tour operators in Benidorm offer it as a cultural outing to their clients. If you don’t know it, it’s worth a stroll through its streets and get to know this picturesque little town in Alicante. What else to do in Guadalest?

Saturday is an ideal day to visit different localities in the area that are worth visiting for their cultural, touristic or commercial value. Depending on whether or not you are one of those who like to delight in each place you visit, you can choose two or three of the proposed towns.

What is undoubtedly a good start is Villajoyosa, La Vila Joiosa, a town that smells of chocolate from very early on, one of its main attractions being a visit to the chocolate museum stroll through its old town or see its colourful fishermen’s houses on the banks of the river Amadorio. What else to do in Villajoyosa?

What to do at Easter?
Traditional colourful facades in La Vila Joiosa

Benidorm, internationally known as the tourism capital of the Costa Blanca. Its sky-high skyscrapers, its white beaches of Levante and Poniente, its picturesque viewpoint overlooking the Mediterranean is an option. Don’t miss out on visiting their Basque restaurants, a gastronomic alternative for enjoying tapas. What else to do in Benidorm?

Finally, I would end the day in Altea, which with its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses has been a refuge for bohemians and artists for decades, without its charm having succumbed to the hours of visitors who visit it every year. It is worth a visit at sunset to look out from the viewpoint over the bay of L’Albir with the Sierra Gelada and the Benidorm skyline as a backdrop. Its traditional Italian restaurants are also a good choice if you don’t feel like cooking, although after having spent the whole day touring the Marina Baixa, it’s time to return to La Colina de Charly, and rest. You have deserved it.

What to do at Easter?
What to do at Easter?_ Altea

Sunday is always a rather sad day, a day of closure, of thinking that the good things are over, but until it appears at The End, nothing is over, so you have the Sunday of resurrection ahead of you, to continue enjoying the Guadalest Valley, La Colina de Charly and its surroundings.

As you will be exhausted from Saturday’s excursion, the best thing to do is to start the day with a good breakfast which, weather permitting, you can have outside looking at the lush pine forest.

How about saying goodbye to Easter with a succulent outdoor barbecue? Before that, you have time to go for a stroll around the Font del Moli and visit its recreational area or the Font del Partergat in neighbouring Benifato, two short walks ideal for working up an appetite and stretching your legs before the farewell meal.

Are you seduced by the proposed plans?

There are many alternatives to get to know the Guadalest valley and the Marina Baixa, this is one of them but if you want more information do not hesitate to write to us at hola@lacolinadecharly.com. We are waiting for you


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