The Bernia mountain range and the legend of El Mascarat


The Sierra de Bernia, with its 1,126 metres, is the 6th highest peak in our region. It forms a natural border with the Marina Alta and is one of the most photographed spots on the Costa Blanca. There is something about Bernia that fascinates everyone who comes across it, especially if you walk along it and look out over the famous forat de Bernia.

In its extension to the sea, the Sierra de Bernia is interrupted by an impressive gorge, with the well-known El Mascarat gorge, a perfect place for ambushes.

Not surprisingly, the 16th and 17th centuries were characterised by a violent and bloodthirsty era, full of bandits and criminal activity, which in this area was embodied, according to legend, in the figure of a generous and non-violent bandit called El Mascarat.

Both Bernia and El Mascarat are the protagonists of Escápate al interior, our programme on Onda Cero La Marina Baixa.


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